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Speed Baccarat Live

2017 was a big year for Evolution Gaming after it decided to release a surprise baccarat game titled Speed Baccarat Live. The game’s inspiration comes from the title itself. Game providers decided to get rid of the time-consuming elements that were present in the original baccarat game. This ensures that players enjoy the seamless play in this version.

In the original UK casino online games, the rounds took whole 48 seconds. In contrast, around in Speed Baccarat Live only takes 27 seconds. This can be attributed to the lack of numerous multi-angle cameras.

How to Play Speed Baccarat Live

The game’s speed is the only thing that’s changed. Everything else remains the same including the rules of the game. As such the game will still be played with a standard 8 deck of cards and the entire game will be streamed live and in HD from the same studios as before in Riga, Latvia. Speed Baccarat Live also comes with side bets, however, there are no random shuffles.

The game will start with both the banker and the player receiving 2 cards facing up, of course after the all parties have placed their bets. The game is quite fast. There are no waiting durations here, so if you need a 3rd card, it will be dealt with immediately.

After the 3rd card facing up is dealt, then the dealer will end the round by announcing the result. There are 3 outcomes in this game. one is that player might win, a tie or the banker could win. Losing stakes will be eliminated and winning bets will be paid out. Participants will then have only 12 seconds to commit to the following round or exit the table.

Main benefits in Speed Baccarat Live

Players will get the following features while in the game:

  • Unchanging rules and gameplay. Everything will remain as is in the original Baccarat game
  • Shorter times. One round in Speed Baccarat Live will take 27 seconds instead of 48
  • No face down cards or multi-angle cameras
  • You can play the game on your smartphone or tablet
  • Enjoy live HD streaming

To Sum Up

Speed Baccarat Live from Evolution Gaming is a spectacular table game that employs the same rules as is in the original baccarat game which makes it easy for beginners to understand the game. Players also get to enjoy HD streaming on any device of your choice.


Speed Baccarat Live
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Game Title : Speed Baccarat Live

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 14/02/2018

Speed Baccarat Live