Single Deck Blackjack

Myriad of NetEnt games are presently offered at online casinos, including Single Deck Blackjack table games. There is just one deck used in this kind of blackjack, and the betting limits are moderate. Blackjack games at online casinos often include the use of 2 to 8 decks of cards, but this particular game makes use of just one deck.

About Single Deck Blackjack

In this online blackjack game, you may use the 1, 5, and 10 chip values to bet any figure as long as you don’t go above 40.00 units each hand. It is uncommon to find a maximum stake cap this low, particularly for a table game.

In-Game Stake Options

For the Single Deck Blackjack game, you may choose between 1, 5, and 10 euro coins. These may be mixed and gambled on more than once. The min. and max. bets are one euro and forty euros, respectively.

Single Deck Blackjack Features

The traditional 4 to 8 deck is eliminated from the Single Deck Blackjack, giving you the option to participate with just one deck.

A blackjack hand will also pay the customary 3:2, which is something we can all accept. The new 6:5 payment for blackjack is included in many online blackjack games, which severely penalises the player.


If the dealer pulls a 10-value card or an Ace, insurance is provided, and it pays 2:1. With this extra side wager, you can get your money back if the dealer gets a blackjack and wins the hand.


You may double once the total points on the first cards reach 10 or 11. You will then receive an additional card. The first wager and the double wager are identical.


When 2 cards in a hand share a similar value, they might be divided into 2 independent hands. With the exception of aces, you can draw more cards in every split hand. In a split hand, getting an ace plus a 10-point card will not result in a blackjack. You double your initial stake by dividing. One after another, you play these hands.


Single Deck Blackjack has entertaining and thrilling gameplay while also significantly lowering the house edge. With this game, you may enjoy an exceptional experience while playing blackjack that is as fair as it gets. Whether it be for table games, live casinos, or other types of games, NetEnt has a good record for producing high-quality games, and for good reason. If you learn to play your cards correctly, this blackjack game will offer you a special gambling sensation and you may see a significant increase in your bankroll.

Game Title : Single Deck Blackjack

Author Name : John Bolger

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Single Deck Blackjack