Risque Megaways

Well, you get to see a lot of super symbols and rewards here at this funky slot of Risque Megaways. This is because the slot is super cool and not at all conventional. So, come and spin the game to know a better deal about the slot. It’s new, not at all traditional and has a lot of super bonuses made just for you. So, are you ready for Risque Megaways? 

About the Slot

Risque Megaways is a showbiz slot game made for the lights and action enthusiasts. Right from the beginning, the players will start to see a lot of glamor and flicker. This is because this slot is made with a fashion and show theme. Technically can be called as a cabaret-themed online slot, Risque Megaways has all the elegance of a perfect online slot play. The only thing which the players have to do here is to spin and wait for the wins to appear. So, come and make your initial rolls here at Risque Megaways. 

Symbols and Icons

Are you ready to meet the symbols of Risque Megaways? They are powerful as well as interesting on many levels. You can trigger them by falling them in series or in a combination. So, these begin with low profile playing card icons like aces, spades, hearts and diamonds. Then comes the high ones like boots, cocktail glasses, hats, perfume bottles, and microphones. I don’t know what all these means or stands for but they can make some pretty good rewards; I would say. So, come and spin these beginning from now. 

Features and Bonuses

Risque Megaways is full of free spins and bonuses. The more you spin, the more you get near the free spins. So, keep on spinning the free spin scatters and you will start getting the rewards one by one. This won’t keep you at a boring pace, that’s for sure. 


Risque Megaways is a super fast online slot and there are a lot to spin here in terms of winning and getting it right. So come and start spinning the reel set right from now to get a nuanced perspective about the game.

Game Title : Risque Megaways

Author Name : John Bolger

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Risque Megaways