Rise of Olympus 100

The sheer adventure here at the slot of Rise of Olympus 100 is immense and you can probably sense it from a mile away. It’s a Greek themed slot game where there are no unwanted complications. You just need to know how to roll reels and that’s all it needs here to win. So, are you up for Rise of Olympus 100? 

About the Slot

As I said in the introduction, Rise of Olympus 100 is a classy Greek themed slot game with a lot of redness in its sleeves. You can spin the game from any angle and take the win from it. There are some high class and well made levels here to make you a pro roller. So, understand the basics of the play and then forward to the spinning part. The animations and the graphics of Rise of Olympus 100 are truly great and no work is needed here. The music does also sync with the overall play. 

Symbols and Icons

Rise of Olympus 100 has a wideof times variety of symbols and icons made just for you. For triggering these, just spin the reel a couple to know where is where and what is what. That’s all. 

So, it all begins with low paying tridents, bolt icons, lyres and helms. These will be the low paying symbols. Then there are some high paying ones too, like Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Besides all these, there will be some wild icons too. 

Features and Bonuses

Rise of Olympus 100 is a pretty old wine in a new bottle kind of slot game. But it has some pretty good features too. One among this will be the free spins. Just land the high paying icons and these will get activated. There will also be some wilds. Roll that too. 

Closing Words

Rise of Olympus 100 is the right online slot game to spin this season of winter. Spin this slot game and get the warmth of it right now itself before anyone else comes in your front. 

Game Title : Rise of Olympus 100

Author Name : John Bolger

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Rise of Olympus 100