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Quick Fire Cash

Well Hombre, better keep your trigger finger ready, as you play for high stakes in this Western-themed slot! Called the Quick Fire Cash and made by Instant Win Gaming, it has not one but 4 mini-games where players can get luckier than they can imagine.
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Shoot To The Top With Quick Fire Cash!

The Games slot has 5 reels and 50 paylines, with the mini-games being the whole point of the game. Based on the mini-game being played, the icons in view will vary widely, with each mini-game having its own distinct icons that might range from being natural to Egyptian themed.

Start up the Quick Fire Cash slot and you are presented with an idealized image showing a cowboy in a desert landscape twirling a lasso like he was born to do and riding his rearing horse as if glued to the seat. Once your eyeballs have adjusted to this, you can click on the “Play” button and move straight to the home screen.

Before each round, players are required to roll some dice that will determine the multiplier awarded for all wins at the end of a gaming session. This multiplier value is capped at 6x and offers reasonable chances for players wishing to strike it big.

There are a total of 4 mini-game options available in the Quick Fire Cash Slots. These comprise the Golden Peach Panda Paradise, Pharaoh’s Ransom and Electric Boogaloo. To win in these games, players must match up identical icons on the activated paylines. Each reel set should be played independently, as it enhances win possibilities.

The first mini-game merely requires players to uncover matching icons from the barrels shown on screen. In the second, players must pick a coin. A win is recorded when the value of the selected coin is higher than that originally shown to players at the start of the feature.

In the third mini-game, players must click a pound sign so as to unveil a couple of numbers that represent the cash that is to be awarded. In the last mini-game, players must click on money bag icons and might get lucky enough to uncover hefty cash awards.

Bonus Features

Apart from the above-mentioned multiplier value that is decided on a coin pick, there’s also a free spins bonus round.

To Sum Up

The Quick Fire Cash slot is an unusual looking and feature-packed slot that is quite fast-paced. Overall, it is bold, plays quite well and should be more than sufficient for the vast majority of players looking for some chunky fun and win.


Quick Fire Cash
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Game Title : Quick Fire Cash

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/07/2017

Quick Fire Cash