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Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a medieval game but with technology, the game is now available on online casinos. It is very similar to Baccarat and is among the popular online casino games. So, if you are familiar with Baccarat, you shouldn’t have any difficulty playing Punto Banco.

The main objective of the game is to guess the winning hand if it is of either the banker or the player. You can also correctly predict a tie. If you correctly predict an outcome, you will get a payout at 2/1 while a tie will attract a 9/1. This is a highly volatile game and it is rated at 98.92% RTP. For the purposes of the game, the ‘Punto’ is the player while the ‘Banco” is the banker.

Punto Banco: Gameplay

The highest hand is closest to the value of 9 without surpassing that number. 2 or 3 cards form a single hand. Now 9 might seem like a low total considering that it is formed with a combo of 2 or 3 cards. That will be correct if you took the value of the cards literally. However, in Punto Banco, things are done differently and the total is arrived at in the following ways:

  • The cards 2 to 9 have values corresponding to their face values.
  • Aces have a value of 1
  • Tens, Queens, Kings and Jacks have a value of 0
  • Should a hand’s value exceed 10 or is equal to 10, 10 will be deducted from the total. for example, 11 would be 1.

Every player will be dealt with 2 cards at the start of the game. If any player receives cards with values of 8 or 9, then no more cards will be dealt. A winner or a tie is then declared.

If certain conditions call for certain actions. They include:

  • If a player has a value of 6 or 7, the handstands and a 3rd card are drawn by the banker if he has 0 to 5.
  • If a player has a value of 0 to 5, a 3rd card is dealt. A banker could receive a 3rd card in accordance with the chart below dependent on the value of the card dealt and the banker’s hand.

To play, select the chip size and place it on either the Punto, Banco or Tie or all 3 options if you wish. After that, click on “Deal’ and watch the action.

To Sum Up

Punto Banco is a simple casino game and the only thing you need to do is understand the rules of the game and you are set to play.


Punto Banco
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Game Title : Punto Banco

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Punto Banco