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Pontoon Professional

Pontoon Professional is not a game that most folks are familiar with. It is not a new game per se, but rather a Blackjack variant that makes use of slightly different rules and refers to gameplay actions like a “Hit” or “Stand” as “Twist” and “Stick.”

The Pontoon Professional is usually considered to be a British Blackjack version of the original game that was joyfully played in the royal court of Louis XV. The gameplay objective in the NetEnt-powered game just like most other blackjack versions remains the getting of a hand that does not exceed 21 in value.

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Ride It With The Pontoon Professional!

The Pontoon Professional has much the same interface as other blackjack variants on the market. Stacks of cards are positioned right above the screen, with these being the cards that are yet to be dealt.

Then there are dealer chips, details of the least and maximum payouts and the already played card stacks. Shown further down are a trio of boxes that are shaped like playing cards. This is where players place their wagers. During gameplay, players can make the same wagers as long as they like. Alternatively, this can be tweaked at the start of every round. A trio of chips of varying values are provided, and combos of these can be used to reach the max bet value.

A grey chip with an x in its centre can be clicked on to cancel the bets that have been placed in the aforementioned boxes. This action must, however, be performed within a certain time limit.

Actual Gameplay In Pontoon Professional

A wager on one or more of the available boxes is made, with this determining the number of hands players will be dealt with in that particular round. Once bets have been made, the “Deal” button must be clicked, with this resulting in the dealing of two or more face-up cards, depending on how many boxes players wagered on.

Next, the dealer deals himself a couple of face-down cards and checks if the cards are a pontoon- a picture card and an Ace. Should this have occurred, the dealer is the winner.

If the dealer did not achieve a pontoon, play continues. If players need more cards to bulk up their hand, they can click on the “Twist” option. But if they think they have the best possible hand, then they can click on the “Stick” option.

The above actions must be performed on each hand players wagered on. There are also options to split a hand provided that the cards they form are of equal value. And is players believe they have a rather spectacular hand, they can double their wager just by clicking the “Buy” button and therefore get an additional card for that particular hand.

The rules in place require the dealer to twist on a hand of 16 or a soft 17. The payouts are 2:1 for a pontoon, or a 5-card trick. Should the dealer go bust or players win by standard means, then the payout is 1:1.

To Sum up

Pontoon Professional is classy, thrilling and a high-end preferred by many seasoned players worldwide. Try it today at


Pontoon Professional
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Game Title : Pontoon Professional

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Pontoon Professional