Pinatas and Ponies

Pinatas and Ponies is a simple slot game that anyone can spin with easy hands. There is nothing much to nag here. It’s as simple as water, and you can get all the bonuses with some simple spins and tumbles you make. So, come and roll it right away and make it all yours now. So, are you ready for this? 

About Pinatas and Ponies

Pinatas and Ponies is all about giving your best here at the slot. There will be no complications anywhere, and the winning will come to you right after you spin the slot game. If you are into slot gaming, the game will give you most of its rewards and bonuses within the first half. So, you don’t have to do much here with your rolls. The animations, graphics, and entire setup are all live and running and can make you the right winner. So, roll it now! 

Symbols and Icons of Pinatas and Ponies

All the symbols here at Pinatas and Ponies are precise, making a lot of super stuff at the right time. So, get your hands together for Pinatas and Ponies and spin the symbols and icons of Pinatas and Ponies. The main symbols here will be lows and highs. The low icons will be fruit-based icons like strawberries, grapes, oranges and watermelons. The high icons will be coloured candies and a chocolate toffee icon in multiple shades. So, are you ready to spin the game right away? 

Features and Bonuses of Pinatas and Ponies

The symbols play a crucial role here in winning the features. Aim for the best combination, and the win will be all yours. So, the main one will be the free spins. You don’t have to do much about these. Just land the scatters, and the spin will be yours. In addition to this, there will be multipliers too. Get them also. 

Closing Words

Pinatas and Ponies are now live and ready, and it has a lot of super bonuses waiting to be shed. So, please make your way here and spin it right now to get all the wins.

Game Title : Pinatas and Ponies

Author Name : John Bolger

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Pinatas and Ponies