Piles of Presents

Piles of Presents is a clean slot game and you don’t have to do much to get all the wins. Simply turn the reels and you will be directed to the winning stage. So, there is nothing much you can do here to bore yourself into not playing the game. Just roll the game and win every level. 

About the Slot

The more you roll here, the more you get introduced to the game of Piles of Presents. It’s pretty easy to navigate the entire slot game. Just feel the Christmas special vibe of the game and start spinning reel after reel. The animations and graphics are super soft and there is nothing complicated anywhere on the reel set. You can see Christmas lights, a huge fern tree and lots and lots of lights on it. The overall graphics of the game are simple and pleasant. So start spinning Piles of presents and collect all the mains. 

Symbols and Icons

Now to the symbols of Piles of Presents. These are quite huge as well as heartwarming. So, let’s go right into it and start making some noise for them. These symbols start off with A to J playing cards. Then there are the high paying icons like toys of trains, toy soldiers, drums and teddy bears. There are these W wilds and Santa Claus scatters. Using all these, you can win anything and everything from these Piles of presents. There are enough piles for each one of you to roll and explore. 

Features and Bonuses

The free spins and jackpots are the main bonuses here at Piles of Presents. You can make the whole slot dance for these. So, these range from 5000x and more jackpots to 9 and more free spins. So, let’s get this started. 


Are you ready to roll the slot game of Piles of Presents cause it has got some heavy duty Christmas rewards waiting just for you. Roll Piles of Presents and make all the rewards yours with those heavy spins and tumbles. 

Game Title : Piles of Presents

Author Name : John Bolger

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Piles of Presents