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Pandamania Scratch

Feeling scratchy, are you? Well, it’s time you earned your keep by helping some riotous pandas escape from the confines of a zoo and retire someplace calm and warm that’s filled with the most succulent bamboos shoots!

This is made possible via the Pandamania Scratch game, where players can scratch their way into the affections of some cuter-than-kitten pandas, by setting them free and get rewarded for their efforts. So, scroll down and learn all that you need to do to scratch your way to furry heaven!

Scratch For Fame With Pandamania Scratch!

People used paper scratch cards back in the days. These sort of cards have however fallen into disfavour with the creation of online scratch cards like the Pandamania Scratch that makes scratching for wins and pleasure much more convenient.

It has a riotous panda theme and is designed to resemble the paper scratch cards of the period era as much as is practical. Thus, apart from being able to click on icons to reveal what they might contain, players can also rub the screen with a pointer in order to unveil the hidden icons.

The Pandamania Scratch is played on a 3×3 grid set and gameplay is simple in the extreme. All that’s required is the scratching of the provided cards so as to uncover the icons concealed within.  Wins are recorded in this online scratch game whenever players get a trio of matching icons.

To begin play, players must first decide on their preferred stake and set this accordingly. Then the “Play” button can be clicked. For better player convenience, players can choose to manually scratch the cards so as to show the icons, or click on the “Reveal All” button and see the hidden icons automatically and speedily revealed.

Also featured is an Autoplay option of the sort usually found in online slots. Using this, players can make as many bets as they care to and just sit back and see the cards being revealed one by one.

Bonus Feature

The bonus feature comes into play when players match an increasing number of icons. Thus, matching 3 icons pays out 5 coins, while 7, 8 or 9 icons offer a payout of 75, 5,000 and 50,000 coins respectively.

Final Thoughts

The Pandamania Scratch lets players scratch some delish itches, has cute icons and an interesting storyline and offers some pretty decent wins. Overall, this is one scratch game which is impossible not to like!


Pandamania Scratch
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Game Title : Pandamania Scratch

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 18/03/2017

Pandamania Scratch