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Oasis Poker Professional Series

If you are looking for an impressive online casino table game to play, you can give Oasis Poker Professional Series by NetEnt a trial. This is a highly interactive online poker game that is also highly addictive. Play poker like a pro today with this game and learn how to play in the game’s review stated below.

Oasis Poker Professional Series As Posh As You Like

This is a stylishly designed video poker game that comes with pretty good graphics and sound effects. Although the dealer’s table provided in Oasis Poker Professional Series is as basic as they come with all the standard features included.

You begin this video poker with one standard playing card deck comprising of 52 cards. You will be required to have a hand that is much better than that held by the dealer. This is the primary objective of this high stakes online poker game.

Playing Oasis Poker Professional Series

In playing Oasis Poker Professional Series players will need to place their first bet. This is done simply by dragging their selected chip right to the designated “Ante Circle”. Click on the “Deal” button and in the process be dealt a total of 5 standard playing cards from the single 52 card deck.

Dealers are also dealt with 5 standard playing cards. Out of the five cards dealt, only one card will be made visible for players to view. Players can either decide to “Replace” or “Discard” some of their 5 playing cards. The idea is to try as much as possible to have a hand that will be strong than that of the dealer.

The cost of replacing 3 of your playing cards is the amount placed on the Ante Bet. This total amount will be seen added up on the “Draw Cost Circle” located to the left side of the playing screen. With a 4th and 5th draw the total amount will depreciate by a single Ante Bet at a time. Players making their original bets are expected to put into consideration the added costs that are part of the draw.

As you replace your playing cards in Oasis Poker Professional Series and you eventually have the 5 playing cards you intend playing with. You can then decide to compare your hand with that of the dealer. Alternatively, you can also decide to fold. By calling you will have to part with an Ante amount of 1x. In order to be eligible, the dealer would be required to possess a minimum of a King and an Ace. Where the dealer has a King and Ace, the dealer becomes eligible and your hand and his/hers is then compared.

To Sum Up

Oasis Poker Professional Series is a high stakes video poker game for serious-minded poker players. There is no demo mode, so players are immediately taken to a real money mode from the get-go.

Oasis Poker Professional Series
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Game Title : Oasis Poker Professional Series

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 23/11/2017

Oasis Poker Professional Series