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Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest

Nessie’s Treasure is a game abound in treasure and mystery and irks its players to play till they win big. Based on the age-old Loch Ness monster, the game has a very simple make with some exciting features. It has the typical 5-reel 3-rBetting and Prizesow design with the spin-to-win concept. Players will find some fun elements that will keep them hooked to their seat. The game fully creates adventures as Nessie’s Treasure appear on the screen. The bets and prizes in the game are something to watch out for, especially if luck is on your side. 

Betting and Prizes

In order to play, one can bet as little as £ 0.20 to £20 for a total of 20 paylines.  The game has a good win potential but could be improved upon. There are the usual winning combinations which can yield the player 500 times the total stake. This is a great payout with a maximum of $ 100,000. However, the chances of winning can be average because of the medium volatility of the slot. One should definitely lookout for the three progressive jackpots for going big. 

Elements and Symbols

The elements of the game revolve perfectly around the theme. One will find hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds, which are symbols with lower values.  Other exciting elements will include pearls, binoculars, red hats and sporrans. There is also a wild symbol that can replace any other symbol on the reels. There is also a Nessie’s wild symbol which will appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 during a free spin and only on reel 5 for a base spin. 

Barrel feature

There are random barrels above the reels that flow over the waterfall with each spin. However, when Nessie appears as a wild symbol on the fifth reel, it swims out to award all the barrels. Now each barrel has a set feature –

 Gold barrels contain free spins.

 Purple barrels award a spin of Nessie’s wheel.

 The brown barrels wild symbols. 

Final verdict

Nessie’s Treasure is a fun game to play with certain areas to improve. Overall it has the ability to keep the players hooked. 

Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest
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Game Title : Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 06/01/2020

Nessies Treasure Mega Drop Quest