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Mother Of Dragons

Mother of Dragons slot is themed around the hugely successful T.V. series, Game of Thrones. The mother of dragons has a few special abilities up her sleeve: communicating with dragons and ensuring that they heed to her commands, being resistant to fiery flames among other potent abilities.

The game is aptly named. The icons, graphics and design are a testament to this. The dragons featured therein will fire your creativity from all cylinders. Read on to find out more about this game that can be played on both your PC and mobile devices.

Mother of Dragons Firing From All Cylinders

While the slot is not packed with features or nearly as colourful as most slots, its simplicity makes up for it. The slot’s graphics have been designed to be soft on the eye. They boast of cartoon-like animations that are detailed to a fault.

This slot features a 5×3 reel set: a bare minimum of most slots, even for seasoned slot players. The reels sport gold-colour valued cards, which have at least five different coloured dragons. The intricate detail on the cards shows just how much attention was paid in its design.

Symbols and Bonus Features on Mother of Dragons

The most valuable symbol in this slot game is the green dragon. This dragon pays out 1000x, 500x and 100x the wager for 5, 4 or 3 per payline respectively. The game also has Scatter and Wild symbols that unlock different bonus features. The Wild symbol, as is the case in most slots, replaces all icons on the reels apart from the Scatter.

When a player lands three scatter icons on any of the reels, the Mother of Dragons bonus feature is activated. This will initiate a few free games and spins which allow players to increase their winnings.

To Sum Up

This is a simple slot game that has all you’d expect in a slot game. That has bare minimum features, doesn’t take away its fun and interesting gameplay. This slot is appropriate for newbies who want to acclimatise with how the game is played.

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Mother Of Dragons
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Game Title : Mother Of Dragons

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 27/08/2019

Mother Of Dragons