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Monkey Drop

Monkey Drop is an instant win game with a really unique design. Most of the instant win games are easy to understand and so is this. The game has interesting graphics. Players will take no time in understanding the rules of the game. IGT Gaming is responsible for the development of this instant win game. The game can be played on all smartphones and tablets.

Symbols and Look Of Monkey Drop

There are not many symbols that are given in this game. There are only tiles that the players need to target. These tiles are differentiated by colours and thee colours include Pink, yellow. Blue, red and green. The ball holding monkey is seen standing on top of this screen and he is pretty animated which makes the game interesting. The monkey is the key person that will help the players in making big wins.

Special Features and Betting

To start the Monkey Drop game, players will have to set their bets. The best choices include £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10. Each player is given 7 drops as the game starts. The players will see a monkey holding green coloured balls. He will keep sliding over the grid and will drop the ball. There are tiles given at the bottom of the grid that is different in colours. Each of these tiles has different values. Players have to make the monkey drop the ball at the highest paying tile.

As soon as the monkey comes at the top of the tiles, players have to select the Drop button and make the monkey drop the ball. If the ball will land on the middle tile, the players will be rewarded with an extra round in which the players will be able to get bigger wins. Players will be able to win up to 150,000 coins in one game.

To Sum Up

Players who are looking for games that are fast-paced and do not take a lot of time to end or release the rewards can enjoy Monkey Drop. This instant win game looks good and its features make the gameplay inteTo Sum Upresting. The options to adjust the game according to the needs of the players make it best for the players. All in all, this is one fast-paced casino game which can be a fresh breath of air for the players.


Monkey Drop
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Game Title : Monkey Drop

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 07/05/2018

Monkey Drop