Mighty Gorilla

If you have time, you might wanna check out this slot game called Mighty Gorilla. It’s a well equipped slot game made with some dark yet greeny features and bonuses. It has a lot of fun substance elements and it’s only gonna get much better. So, come and have a roll right now to know more about it. 

About the Slot Game

The Mighty Gorilla is rolling inside the skull island and there are a lot of things to take care of here. The first thing you will see after coming inside will be the Gorilla themed background. The game has incorporated all sorts of jungly things to make the spins better and even better. So, you don’t have to take care of a lot of things here. Just aim for the right feature and it will give you out a lot of bonuses and extras. So, are you up for a challenge with Mighty Gorilla? 

Symbols and Icons

Let’s start counting down the symbols and icons of Mighty Gorilla. These are divided into two sections. The lows and the highs. The low paying icons will be spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. These will be playing card icons. The highs will be one male and one female explorer icon, one waterfall icon and one gorilla icon. Apart from this, there will be a Mighty Gorilla logo icon and a scatter icon. So, are you ready to spin these by pressing the spin icon down below? Now is the right time to engage these one by one. 

Features and Bonuses

Mighty Gorilla has two main bonuses. These will be a wild barrel feature and a free spin feature. You can win these features with minimal spins without any sweat breaks. So, come and roll these symbols one by one and get the wins all together. 

Closing Words

Mighty Gorilla is the right game to spin right now without hitting any complications. With this game, you can win a lot of surprises with ultra flashing fast. So, come and roll the online slot game right now to collect all the fun and fancy.

Game Title : Mighty Gorilla

Author Name : John Bolger

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Mighty Gorilla