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Merlins Millions Scratch

Remember Merlin, the superbly skilled and all-knowing wizard found in tales of King Arthur and lots of others?

He was supposedly imprisoned for a thousand years by an enchantress by the name of Nimue, but has apparently decided to come out ahead of time for some fresh air and the opportunity to star in a scratch game made by NextGen! Called the Merlins Millions Scratch, it has cute, but very well detailed icons and a theme and look you can’t help but like.

Read on for details of what’s available in this scratch cards online.

Merlins Millions Scratch And Win!

Having a cuppa and can’t muster up the energy to go get yourself a scratch card from the shop down the street? Then, Merlins Millions Scratch has you covered and can be played online and at any time! The action here takes place on a 3×3 table and wins are achieved once players scratch and dig up a trio of matching icons. To uncover these icons, players need to click on each provided button. There’s also a wand that can be employed for this purpose.

The featured icons in the Merlins Millions Scratch are as slick and well-detailed as they come and comprise Merlin himself wearing a hat and a cheeky grin, an owl, a thick book of spells and wizardry, a potion bottle, Merlin’s magic orb, a staff and a heavily laden work desk. Sweet graphics apart, there’s not much in the way of animation effects, although the reels go “poof” when new icons are uncovered.

Of the above icons, Merlin is the most valuable and players can enjoy wins of 1,000x the stake when they uncover a trio of it.

Bonus Features

Free Scratch Feature – To trigger this Merlins Millions Scratch bonus, players need to get a trio of magical orbs. This results in the award of five free scratches, with all wins in this mode being doubled in value.

To Sum Up

The Merlins Millions Scratch has an RTP of 95.71% and offers opportunities for pretty decent wins. It is easy to play, requires no skills worth mentioning, offers all the slick graphics players might need and plenty of potential fun and is well detailed. Overall, Merlins Millions Scratch has all that’s needed for a riveting experience and is worth scratching into with zeal!


Merlins Millions Scratch
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Game Title : Merlins Millions Scratch

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 06/05/2016

Merlins Millions Scratch