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Medusa Scratch

Most readers of this article must have heard of the Gorgon called Medusa. Found in ancient Greek myths she was originally a beautiful lady who was sexually assaulted by Zeus in Athena’s temple.

Disgusted by her conduct, Athena cursed her, with this making her lustrous hair turn to snakes and her fair eyes become fully capable of turning people to stone/dust.

This myth has proved quite popular and has been featured in movies, cartoons and print media aplenty. It has also shown up as the central theme of some online slots and is the focus of the Medusa Scratch from NextGen. Rather than being terrified out of their minds, players of this scratch game are liable to get spoiled with thrilling suspense and slick graphics!

Read up on this online scratch card game below.

Scratch Up Paradise With Medusa Scratch!

Like most other NextGen products, the Medusa scratch has some sweet graphics. It features an image of the ravishingly beautiful Medusa, with the snakes in her hair providing an odd touch.

Just like most scratch games on the market, the Medusa Scratch is very easy to play and does not require any strategies worth the name. Instead, wins and losses are totally up to the sometimes generous but oft-wicked lady known as Lady Luck.

Gameplay In Medusa Scratch

There’s no need to jump through hoops to play this online scratch game. All that’s required to get started is to click on the “Play’ button and then wager from 1p to ₤2.

Players can also choose to slowly reveal a single scratch panel with each scratch. Alternatively, should they not be into blood-curdling suspense, they can press the “Reveal All” button and immediately uncover all the icons.

Wins in this scratch card game happen whenever players discover a trio of matching icons. These icons are-theme related and consist of slippers, snake, medallions and some old Greek structures. And that’s it!

To Sum Up

The Medusa Scratch is a very simple game that can be played by people of all ages. It has very colourful and theme-related icons, apart from giving the fabulous Medusa yet another stage to tell her story and work her magic on viewers! Overall, this is a very endearing game that is quite easy to like, with the suspense and thrills coming at a speed that sends the senses scrambling for cover.


Medusa Scratch
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Game Title : Medusa Scratch

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 06/05/2016

Medusa Scratch