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Mayan Legends

Mayan Legend is a slot designed by IWG based on an ancient theme. This slot is the third part in the series of Mayan-empire-themed slots. The vibrant colours used are quite eye-catching and 3D-graphics look just perfect. The mysterious temple background may turn you curious.

Mayan Legends: Fill up those reels

The reel backdrop of Mayan Legends features a temple scene at dusk with some torches present to illuminate the way. The minus and plus buttons can be used to adjust the bets. The betting range begins at £1 and goes up till £10 for every spin. Once you begin playing, you will need to roll the dices for gaining coordinates for masks and that too within the grid that can only be gained if you land on them. The aim of the slot is to fill up the five coloured rows present on the right-hand side in order to win the prize.

Unlike other regular games, there is a twist in here as 2 dices are there instead of one, one in white colour and another in black colour which you will have to roll. After setting the bet, the game can be begun. You can roll the dice up to 5 times in a game and once you click on them they will begin to roll.

Did you collect Crystal Masks yet?

In the case of crystal masks, you need to gather at least three of them and you will be granted a prize and so you need not to fill up the whole reel here. Many items are present that could give you wins instantly as you only need to grab them and you will be awarded a prize attached to that item. When the dice has used five rolls, the game will terminate and masks will explode off. A message will be displayed asking you if you want to continue to play further.

Closing Thoughts: Mayan Legends Slot Review

This is a typical classic slot created by IWG that has some super awesome graphics. Mayan Legends is a wonderful opportunity if you are looking for a fantastic way to kill some time and have a blast.




Mayan Legends
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Game Title : Mayan Legends

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/07/2017

Mayan Legends