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Magic Journey

Magic Journey slot can seem a bit unfamiliar in the beginning but is, in reality, quite entertaining with interesting gameplay and a different payout system. Explore the various features and enjoy this unique slots game at

Basic features 

Basically, the Magic Journey is a themed slot game and is based on the novel Journey to the West which is one of the Chinese bestsellers of the 19th century. The theme is especially apparent in the game symbols which are all the various human and human-animal hybrid characters in the novel. There are no high or low-level symbols and also no special symbols or bonus features like free spins in this game. 

The layout and the payout system of the Magic Journey slot game are unique. Basically, it features a 3×3 grid at the top filled with all the various symbols in the game and a 1×5 row at the bottom where the reels are at. With every spin, 0 to 5 symbols appear on the bottom row, which is then highlighted on the 3×3 grid which is the scorecard. The game comes with 8 paylines and in case the highlighted symbols form a payline it is considered a win. 

Re-spin feature 

With every win the re-spin feature is activated, which increases the win potential. Every subsequent win results in one more re-spin; re-spins are also activated irrespective of the wins in case the monkey symbol appears on the bottom reel. Finally, once the re-spins cycle is complete and there are no more wins, the number of paylines highlighted is counted as the payouts in this game depend on the number of highlighted paylines as follows: 

  • 1 payline = 2 times the stake
  • 2 paylines = 5 times the stake
  • 3 paylines = 10 times the stake
  • 4 paylines = 15 times the stake
  • 5 paylines = 30 times the stake
  • 6 paylines = 100 times the stake
  • 8 paylines = 400 times the stake 

A 7 payline win is not a possibility. 


Thus, looking at the features of the Magic Journey slot game it is obvious that it doesn’t come with the normal features we expect from online video slots like symbol payouts, special symbols, free spins bonus, etc. But still, all the unique features of the game, especially the different layout and the unique payout system are refreshing making it unique and exciting.

Magic Journey
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Game Title : Magic Journey

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 16/01/2020

Magic Journey