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Lung-Fu Shan

The name sounds close to the popular Chinese martial arts – Kung Fu. Well, it borrows slightly from it but Lung Fu Shan is a park in the countryside of the Central and Western District of Hong Kong. It features bright colours and detailed graphics that are not common in different video slots, even the best.

Lung Fu Shan was developed- in every way- with the end-user in mind. Everything from the user interface to the gameplay, to the subtle animations, speak of a dedicated team that focussed on simplicity. Dive in to find out more about this impressive slot.

Lung Fu Shan Gameplay

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Nowhere has this statement resounded loudly as in the execution of this game. While it is not all flowery with a plethora of features, this game stuck to the basics and executed them well.

The slot is a 3×3 reel slot that has crisp graphics: it is a sure contender for a number of awards as a pat on the back. Expectedly, the game is set outdoors, particularly because of its roots – the park in Central and Western Hong Kong. It features tall buildings and detailed fauna.

During gameplay, the reels are populated with cards that are so crisp, they can slice through butter without so much as a hassle.

Symbols on Lung Fu Shan

Icons on this game include a tiger, goldfish, stork, and a grotesque monster figure that can easily make an appearance in a horror movie. The most valuable symbol on this game is the monster-esque creature; it pays, per payline, 1000x the initial value of the wagered amount.

Lung Fu Shan also includes the wild and scatter symbols. The scatter symbol triggers a bonus round that enables players to increase winnings. The wild, like in every other slot, replace any other symbol on the reels except the scatter symbol.

An Impressive Bonus Feature That Sets It Apart

This slot game has a Free Spins feature that is activated when three scatter symbols land on the reels. This awards the player a significant number of spins.

To Sum Up

Lung Fu Shan is a carefully thought out slot game that will appeal to players who are bent on simplicity. It has simple gameplay with a gentle learning curve. To enjoy it, sign in at TheOnlineCasino today!

Lung-Fu Shan
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Game Title : Lung-Fu Shan

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 04/09/2019

Lung-Fu Shan