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Live Blackjack Pro

Live Blackjack Pro is one of the more delish NetEnt products that’s designed to deliver an experience indistinguishable from that gained from visiting any high-end brick-and-mortar casino. It features a modern version of blackjack, has well-trained dealers and takes place within a studio in Malta.
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Live And Prey With Live Blackjack Pro!

Live Blackjack Pro game is played in a lavishly appointed studio with the blackjack table taking up most of the background space. This table incidentally has a surface that’s painted red, which helps add some class to the whole set.

Seated behind the table is the sweet-looking female dealer. Game options and varied helpful on-screen information are shown at the top corners of the screen.

Play like a pro

Live Blackjack Pro appears designed for high rollers eager to cough up fortunes. To that end, it has minimum and maximum bet limits of ₤200 and ₤2,000 respectively. Gameplay is begun once players pick their desired chip value and a seat at the table.

The chips are then placed on the preferred betting position. The dealer then deals the cards once the “No More Bets” sign appears.

Should hands not be played within the given limit, it automatically stands. And should players for one reason or the other neglect to make bets for a trio of consecutive hands, their table position will be lost.

Once gameplay begins, the live dealer deals a couple of face-down cards to the player, as well as one face-up and one face-down card to herself. Players can then “Stand” and retain their present cards, or “Hit” and receive another card. There is a “Double” option for doubling the cards, as well as a “Split” option for splitting them into 2.

The rules in play in Live Blackjack Pro requires the dealer to stand on all 17s. As well, she is required to draw on all hands that are valued at 16 or less.

The gameplay objective here is to achieve a hand that’s worth 21, without going over this value. Alternatively, players can aim at getting hands whose worth are greater than that held by the dealer. Should the dealer get a blackjack hand, players lose all their stake unless they took out an Insurance side bet.

Final Thoughts

Live Blackjack Pro is a classy and lively game that keeps the fun coming full throttle! Overall, it has lots of virtues that make it a standout.


Live Blackjack Pro
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Game Title : Live Blackjack Pro

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 22/10/2018

Live Blackjack Pro