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Lilith Inferno

Lilith’s Inferno has been designed by Yggdrasil and has become one of the coolest games of 2019. It has the classic set up of 5 reels and 3 rows, which makes the game easy to understand and figure out. There are a total of 25 paylines, wherein higher paylines pay higher rewards. Once one has ventured into this world, it is difficult to come back. The background comprises of trees and stone-like buttons, the overall look of the game being dark yet having a balance in the use of colours. The bets and prizes of the game are pretty common. The features of the game are also common except for a few, which manages to capture the essence of the game. 

Lilith’s Inferno – Symbols and Themes

The theme of the game revolves around this little demon whose aim is to slay all four gatekeepers who are out bearing their very own unearthly wins. The game takes the players successfully into a blazing world of darkness. The games slot features some exciting and some simple and classic symbols. The basic symbols include the ones found in cards like spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.

The symbols to look out for are the four gatekeepers, the red gatekeeper being the most valuable one. It has the capability to give the player 24 times the stake when made in combinations. The wild symbol is the sword symbol which will replace any other symbol in the reels. 

Free spin feature

Players can win some exciting free spins, all thanks to the various scatter symbols. The symbol can give free spins in the following pattern –

 3 scatters: 10-20 free spins

 4 scatters: 15-30 free spins

 5 scatters: 25-50 free spins

One must thus lookout for high winning chances with the rewards of free spins.

Final verdict

Out of all the other features, one must look out for the fight feature. This feature lets the players defeat the bosses in a fight, win new wild symbols and free spins. Such features add to the winning quotient of the game, making it an overall success.  

Lilith Inferno
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Game Title : Lilith Inferno

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 14/10/2019

Lilith Inferno