King’s Mask

King’s Mask is a full proof online slot game with an Egyptian theme and setting. The players are welcomed to a spectacular golden layout with a lot of super layers and features. The Egyptian part is one thing and the rest of the slot set is another profound thing. You have to spin through the game to know more about this. So, come and make your levels leveled. 

About King’s Mask

King’s Mask is a fabulous online slot game with a lot of super layers and under structures. The game is built with a lot of precision and planning and this is why it is called a super Egyptian slot. The layout and background has this unique golden hue to it and the pyramids and sand dunes can be seen with this. The animations and graphics duly go hand in hand with these and this makes the spinning more unique and amiable for all the gamers. So, let’s start spinning King’s Mask right away. 

Symbols and Icons

The symbols of King’s Mask are pretty straightforward and can make a lot of super rewards if you know how to spin. You may know how to spin, but you also need to know to make combinations. So, these begin with A to J alphabets and 9 and 10 numerals. Then comes the high valued icons like the famous King Tut’s Ankh crosses, some wooden themed fans, Bastet, the Eye of Ra and scarab beetles. The last two icons will be the expensive ones and there are also some wilds and scatters. 

Features and Bonuses

King’s Mask is a slot game where it thrives on free spins and multipliers. If you land the scatters in a promising manner, you can get up to 300 free spins with a 10x multiplier offer. This is more of a random fall which you can get through your spinning. 


All is set here at King’s Mask. Now, all you have to do here is to spin and make these reels spinning without any stop and shortages. If you can do this, then the win will be just yours.

Game Title : King’s Mask

Author Name : John Bolger

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King’s Mask