Jurassic Park: Gold

In the Jurassic Park Gold video slot game, you may enter the park once more and encounter a world filled with roving dinosaurs. You will be intrigued by its captivating concept with 40 paylines, and 5×4 format. The technical specifications, bonus features, RTP, volatility, and symbols that appear on the reels of the Jurassic Park: Gold video slot are all covered in this review.

About The Game

The primary grid of the game has the typical 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines configuration. The volatility is classified as High and the RTP is a consistent 96%. You have the wager option as low as 0.20 or as high as 30. High rollers may desire to put in larger bets in order to be able to win the game’s decent payouts.

Game Symbols

There are a series of 13 symbols, including 5 low-paying ones. In the film, dinosaur species like Raptors and T-Rex serve as representations of these. The movie characters Ian Malcolm, Sarah Harding, John Hammond, Ellie Sattler, and Alan Grant serve as the five elite icons. A wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and a Powerball symbol are furthermore available to these standard symbols.

Jurassic Park: Gold Special Feature

The Random T-Rex Alert mode is one of the game’s numerous features. When triggered, it adds 35 more wild symbols for the player to use throughout the course of the following six paid spins. Five further bonus games follow. When you’ve landed three scatters 25 times, you may select one of them, and it will provide you with a certain number of free spins and multipliers.

For instance, in the Brachiosaurus Free Spin game, the symbols are stacked and the multipliers increase your prize by two to six times. If the icons aren’t already stacked with each round of the Triceratops Free Spins play, new wilds are also added.

Velociraptor Free Spins is another phase that incorporates the Split and Multiplier Wilds elements. This results in a 6-of-a-kind combo that rewards twice as much for 5 of the identical signs.


Benefit from four free spin rounds and double-stacked multiplier wilds. By using the Link & Win function, you can win decent rewards. Jurassic Park: Gold classic is unquestionably worth a shot because of its appealing appearance and great array of added features. The flick’s devotees won’t be let down.

Game Title : Jurassic Park: Gold

Author Name : John Bolger

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Jurassic Park: Gold