The game Itero was created by the brand name Hacksaw Gaming. When it was released on May 5, 2022, players flocked to it because of its exciting engine and gorgeous artwork. To give you a good sense of the experience you’ll be enjoying, our review details all of the essential features that are offered at the best UK online casino.

About The Game

The maximum prize on this 5-reel, 4-line slot machine, which utilises spectacular rewards of your original wager. The Itero slot’s Return to Player (RTP) rate is 96.18%. The range of bets available to players is between 0.10 and 100.

Symbols In-Game

The A-10 royals, which pay less, are available on the game reels. Due to the fact that they are all various coloured Roman statues—blue, light blue, green, yellow, and red—the higher-paying symbols stick out like a sore thumb. A trio of agitated-appearing dogs serves as the game’s wild icon and may be used to replace both low- and high-paying icons.

In-Game Bonus Features


Re respins with a unique twist known as EchoSpins, where each spin is a duplicate of the triggering spin. When the Hand of Jupiter icon appears next to at least one successful payline, it displays the amount of EchoSpins that have been given for that round. The Hand of Jupiter has an award range of 1 to 8 EchoSpins.

Then, on each respin, all winnings and multipliers from the previous spin are repeated. Multipliers are then incrementally added to the top of the reels, and the new total multiplier value is then applied to all winning paylines on the spin. The multipliers that fall on the reels could be multiplicative or incrementing. Except for the EchoSpins, multipliers are not applied to any winnings.

Wrath Of Jupiter

The probability of getting the Hand of Jupiter, as well as the likelihood of getting more EchoSpins and larger multipliers, are all increased in this bonus game!

Gift From The Gods

All multipliers that are landed during this bonus round are kept in the total multiplier above the reels. The multiplier is not gradually raised during the EchoSpins phases of this bonus game. Instead, for each EchoSpins respin in a phase, the amount accumulated before the Hand of Jupiter landing is applied. The total multiplier resets and needs to be created from scratch when an EchoSpins phase is finished.


Itero is an extremely distinctive experience, both in terms of name and emphasis on classical era cultural icons. While other games aim for a visceral gut-punch effect, Itero also piques the player’s brain. It has an especially intellectual quality, inspiring concepts that other slots don’t and giving rise to nerve-wracking situations. The fact that Hacksaw is as adept at introducing novel game ideas is equally noteworthy, and EchoSpins is another intriguing notion.

Game Title : Itero

Author Name : John Bolger

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