The Incredible Balloon Machine

If there was an award for a unique slot game, The Incredible Balloon Machine will definitely win it. It isn’t just a different slot game but is also an epitome of simplicity and minimalism. The developers have totally done away with every semblance of classic online video slots. So, we have no reels to spin, rows, symbols or symbol combinations and thus no wins too. We don’t get scatters or wilds but the developers managed to retain multipliers as a special feature and provide players with a free bonus round too!

Basic setup

Before talking about any other aspect of the game, we have to discuss the setup and how to play it. As the name suggests The Incredible Balloon Machine comes with a colourful balloon-filling machine setup with the blue sky as the background and the fleeting clouds and flying birds for company. The background music is light and soothing while the game sounds totally bring in the excitement of filling up the balloon without bursting it. 

Since there are no reels, paylines or symbols how do we get wins? Basically, all we have to do is blow the balloon without bursting it. Clicking and holding on the spin button will cause the balloon to expand; as the size of the balloon increases the payout amount keeps increasing. Our goal as a player is to stop before the balloon bursts as that invalidates the payout and makes it a no-win spin.

Special features

The Incredible Balloon Machine comes with random multipliers as the special feature. At some point in the game, after a win, a bank of multipliers from 2x to 7x appear on either side of the screen, a value is selected at random, which is added to the winning payout. 

Bonus rounds

This unique slot game also comes with bonus rounds which can be activated when a black/gold balloon appears randomly. Expanding the balloon to the desired size without bursting it triggers the Pick Bonus. Players are then taken to a new screen with different balloons and picking one can reveal cash bonuses or a 2x multiplier. There is also an Advance or Complete option where advance moves the game to the next round and complete ends the bonus round. 


Thus, we have to say that The Incredible Balloon Machine is unlike any slot game ever experienced before. Though it comes with a unique design and does away with all traditional slot game features, it manages to entertain players!

Game Title : The Incredible Balloon Machine

Author Name : John Bolger

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The Incredible Balloon Machine