Idol of Fortune

Play and spin the Lord Ganesha game called Idol of Fortune and take a trip to India. Here, everything is culturally valid and there is not even a single bit of cliche. All you have to do here is to spin and win the game of Idol of Fortune and the rest will be handled by Ganesha himself. So, are you ready to spin Idol of Fortune? 

About the Slot of an Idol of Fortune

You gamers can see a huge temple interior here in the game of Idol of Fortune. This is where all the spinning and winning occurs. It’s quite enchanting as well as colorful here in this arena. The animations and graphics as well as the color schemes deployed here is so right and great. In the middle, the symbol tray can be seen. Even the music of the slot is also quite interesting. So, spin the game of Idol of Fortune and win everything. That’s how you play Idol of Fortune. 

About the Symbols and Icons 

Let’s meet the symbols of an Idol of Fortune. They consist of two sections. The low symbols and the high symbols. The lows are the regular A to J playing cards one. Then there are these high valued symbols like a mouse, snake, peacock, lion and elephant. In addition to these, there are some special icons too. These will be a temple door wild and a golden Ganesh scatter icon. A mystery symbol will also come here to help you. So, with all these, you can easily win the game and all the levels of Idol of Fortune. 

Features and Bonuses

At Idol of Fortune, all you have to do here is land the scatters and get the free spins. Just land these on the reels of 3,4 or 5 and get up to 20 free spins with a 50x extra. So, are you ready for this? 

Closing Words

Idol of Fortune is all ready for you to make some Ganesha rewards. It’s a simple online slot as well as a rewarding one. So, come on in and get all the rewards one by one without missing a single level.

Game Title : Idol of Fortune

Author Name : John Bolger

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Idol of Fortune