Hooligan Hustle

Prepare for a trip with the team and don’t forget to bring the Play’n GO Hooligan Hustle knuckleduster! In Hooligan Hustle, we take to the streets of the UK’s rough neighbourhoods to brawl with supporters of the opposing teams.

About the Game

Slot machine Hooligan Hustle has five reels and 243 ways to win. The minimal wager amount is £/€0.10 per spin for those who would like a smaller investment. The maximum wager is £/€100 every spin. However, bigger stakes are also an option. The online slot’s return to player (RTP) is 96.27 percent.

Game Symbols

The Four Hooligans are Hooligan Hustle’s highest paying regular symbol. Following the Hooligans with the Green, Purple, and Blue backgrounds in order of pay value is the Hooligan with the Yellow backdrop.

The Knuckleduster, Baseball Bat, Lead Pipe, Beer Glass, and Brick are lower-paying symbols.

All symbols, excluding scatters, can be replaced by wild symbols.

Hooligan Hustle Bonus Features

Splitting Symbols

One symbol will be randomly selected as a Splitting Symbol for any random base game spin (excluding Scatter symbols). That sign will divide into two everywhere it appears.

During free spins, the Splitting Symbols feature is also operational.

Mystery Symbols

Any random basic game spin has a chance of landing a mystery symbol.

These symbols will display any form of matched symbols (excluding Scatters).

During free spins, the Mystery symbols feature is also operational.

Rumble Row

The Rumble Row Bar, which is located above each reel and may trigger on any random spin, activates three different Reel Modifiers.

A reel of Stacked Wilds on a wild reel will appear.

Double Trouble: The same symbols will land on both reels simultaneously.

x2 Multiplier: All winning combinations on that reel receive an x2 Multiplier.

Hooligan Hustle Free Spins

The Free Spins round is initiated by three or more Scatter symbols landing anywhere on the reels.

Three free spin rounds are available to you once the feature is activated.

  • Awards Lairy! 10 Free Spins with two or more active Rumble Row reel modifiers.
  • The Riot! Awards 3+ active Rumble Row reel modifiers during the 5 Free Spins.
  • Awards for Anarchy 4+ Rumble Row reel modifiers active; 1 Free Spin.

During the Free Spins phase, both the Mystery and the Splitting symbols are in play.


The original slot machine version of Hooligan Hustle has a statistically respectable winning potential and, in some situations, an RTP of 96.27 percent. Overall, Hooligan Hustle left us quite pleased. It’s funny, engaging, harsh, and foolish in the best possible way.

Game Title : Hooligan Hustle

Author Name : John Bolger

5/5 - (7 votes)
Hooligan Hustle