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Hi-Lo Blackjack

With Blackjack being one of the most popular games around, it was all but inevitable that variants of it started appearing soon after it was invented. These variants mostly follow the same rules and offer a new way to experience one of the more beautiful card games on the galaxy.

One Blackjack variant is the focus of this review and is called the Hi-Lo Blackjack and is made by Microgaming. Why not read on for an overview of its game features and the goodies it has for players.

Experience High Stakes Fun With Hi-Lo Blackjack!

The graphics used are as captivating as can be, and the live dealers are all total pros who are usually of the fairer sex. The studio is very lavish, well lighted and serene.

Essentially, Hi-Lo Blackjack is actually indistinguishable from standard Blackjack and has rules and payouts that are pretty much standard. What does set it apart is the fact that players are offered side bet options on both high and low numbers?

The Hi-Lo betting section is positioned outside the primary betting area. It has a trio of sections. The first is the Lo section, which is labelled 1-12. Bets placed on this payout at 1:1 when the 2 initial cards that players receive have values of from 1-12.

The midsection is labelled “13”. It pays out 10:1 when the value of the initial cards of players total 13.

The last section is the Hi section. This is labelled 14-21 and pays out 1:1 when players receive initial cards whose value lies in that range.

These Hi-Lo bets all add an extra layer of playability and action to standard Blackjack gameplay.

Gameplay Features

Apart from the distinguishing Hi-Lo side bet options, split bets are also permitted in Hi-Lo Blackjack. During gameplay, a couple of standard decks are used, with these having 52 cards apiece.

Players can also double down, but not immediately after a split bet. There is no surrender option and the action can be fast-paced. With standard Blackjack rules being in effect, dealers are required to stand on every 17s and players can take out Insurance when the dealer has an Ace as the Face-Up card.

While newbies often find Blackjack to be complicated to play and understand, this should not be the case with Hi-Lo Blackjack. There are in fact game rules readily available in the onscreen game window. This makes it possible for players to speedily and conveniently refresh their memory on this or that gameplay aspect and will no doubt serve to make them expert players in the no distant future who can recite a long list of Blackjack rules offhand!

To Sum Up

Hi-Lo Blackjack is a standard Blackjack variant with some sweet and tender extras that make it totally delish and worth looking into!


Hi-Lo Blackjack
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Game Title : Hi-Lo Blackjack

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 12/01/2017

Hi-Lo Blackjack