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Harley Davidson Freedom Tour

If you are the type for whom the sight of the road whizzing by at warp speed while you ride your bike is your idea of heaven, then take a seat, champ! Speeding on bikes might be extremely dangerous, but it is also one of the few pleasures known to man. Still, if you want to live long, you might be well advised to state your speed demon vicariously, via such Game slots as the Harley Davidson Freedom Tour.

Themed around the famous bike it is all about a road trip, a brain-melting one by the way that you do not want to miss! Read more about it below.,

Fly High With Harley Davidson Freedom Tour!

The Harley Davidson Freedom Tour has 5 reels, 3 rows and fixed paylines of 50. The icons on the reels essentially float in space, with the backdrop being a desert landscape that is whizzing by at Mach-level speed.

Featured high-value icons are all Harley Davidson motorcycles with different coloured backgrounds. The lower values, on the other hand, consist of a helmet, a riding jacket and some keys. The wild in play in the Harley Davidson Freedom Tour is a Harley Davidson icon that replaces all the other icons apart from the engine bonus symbol.

Bonus Features

Rumbling Wilds Mystery – This is a randomly activated bonus that can be triggered at any time following a non-winning spin. Here, multiple icons are transformed into wilds.

Road To Riches Bonus – This is the primary bonus feature and to activate it players must land 3 engine bonus icons on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. A Wheel Of Fortune is then spun with varying cash awards being possible.

There is, however, a levelling up feature that is applicable here. This happens anytime players land bonus icons on the reels. This results in an odometer situated at the bottom left being boosted by a mile. Reaching the next featured milestone results in the unlocking of some new features that are then placed on the Wheel of Fortune for players to get lucky on. These features comprise:

  • Free Ride Free Spins(map stop 5) – 3 free spins are awarded, with all copies of an icon becoming wild on the initial spin and extra wilds added to the rest of the spins.
  • Expanded Top Award(map stop 13) – This enhances the probability of getting the chief prize.
  • Showroom Bonus(map stop 25 )– This is a pick-and-win round, with varying multipliers and cash awards up for grabs.
  • RPM Multiplier (map stop 45) – Grants a spin on the Wheel of Fortune, with wins enjoying multiplier values of up to 5x.
  • Custom Shop Bonus (map stop 80) – Awards cash prizes when players uncover Harley badges that match.
  • Bonus Trigger Boost (map stop 150) – This gets the bonus round activated in future, using a couple of bonus icons on the 3rd and 5th reels.

To Sum Up

The Harley Davidson Freedom Tour certainly does not skimp on bonuses and features and is overall a high-quality offering that goes the distance!


Harley Davidson Freedom Tour
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Game Title : Harley Davidson Freedom Tour

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 02/01/2018

Harley Davidson Freedom Tour