Guardians of the Pyramids

Guardians of the Pyramids is a new, one of a kind online slot game with a very good Egyptian profile for better winning. You can make a ton of rewards with this single game with some simple spins that you make. So, get ready and make it all right here at Guardians of the Pyramids. 

About the Slot Game

You can be whatever you want here at Guardians of the Pyramids. Even though it’s an Egyptian slot game, winning from this game makes a different feel and has an entirely different vibe. Glide through the layouts and reels and make everything yours here at Guardians of the Pyramids. That’s the only way to win everything from Guardians of the Pyramids and its pyramid symbols. The rest of the animations and graphics are all a beauty and it can be handled with ease. So, start the spin right away here at TheOnlineCasino.CO.UK.

Symbols and Icons

Let’s now talk about the symbols and icons of this Egyptian wonder slot called Guardians of the Pyramids. These symbols are way better than you think and, of course, they can make some of the best rewards and rolls possible. So, are you ready to start the rolls? These begin with A to J playing cards, which are basically low paying icons. The high paying ones are Egyptian character icons in four different colors. There is a wilds, scatter and a mystery icon too for getting those last bit of extra rewards. 

Features and Bonuses

Free Spins are everything here at Guardians of the Pyramids. They make at least half of the rewards here in this slot. Besides this, there are some multipliers which can give out 10x more if you spin it right. So, there are no confusions here in terms of bonuses. 


Guardians of the Pyramids is a piece of cake for winning the game of Guardians of the Pyramids. You just have to map out what all you should roll here to get the wins and the wins will come to you. 

Game Title : Guardians of the Pyramids

Author Name : John Bolger

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Guardians of the Pyramids