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Fruit Snap

About Fruit Snap slots game 

The best way to describe Fruit Snap is as a modern take on the original Fruit Slots. Taking the central feature of fruit slots which are the fruit symbols, the developers have made the game a lot bigger and much more exciting by incorporating engaging features of the modern video slots concept. And we have to say that they managed to do a good job out of it. The players can now experience the excitement of fruit slots instantly with just a click of a button. 

Understanding the game 

Fruit Snap is basically an 8-reels and 8-rows game that looks very much like a conventional fruit slots game but a lot bigger. Players have fruit symbols that include the iconic pair of cherries in addition to strawberries, melons and lemons. In addition to the fruits, players are provided with other symbols like the bell, the dice, etc. that are associated with casinos and slots. The lucky 7 is the highest paying of the symbols, and the winnings are considered in the form of clusters rather than in straight lines. 

The special features of Fruit Snap 

Fruit Snap provides players with four special features that can help them maximize their wins. Firstly, the matching clusters disappear from the board and are replaced with new symbols from above. Secondly, the special symbol is the crown, and three crowns anywhere on the board provide 10 free spins. Thirdly, the fruit symbols have meters that fill up with each winning combination, and once it is completely full, the respective fruit is removed from the board for that round. Finally, the high-value symbols also have meters and when they fill up, the value of the symbol is doubled for each winning combination!


Thus, Fruit Snap slots provide players with the grand experience of experiencing fruit slots from the convenience of their own home. Players can also access the game on their mobile devices.

Fruit Snap
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Game Title : Fruit Snap

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 04/10/2019

Fruit Snap