Forge of Gems

Forge of Gems is all ready for your spin and it has some great features inbuilt to it. So, just spin the game and a massive layout comes into action. The slot is a fire forge themed slot play, and this is why everyone craves to spin this single one. There is no cliche here and spinning the game is buttery smooth. So, are you ready? 

About the Slot of Forge of Gems

Forge of Gems has this massive fire forge setup in the background and this is where all the spinning occurs. The colors are golden and lava red and this can be seen right from the beginning of the game. The spinning is also quite effective if you know how to tumble the reels. Just spin the game and you will get to see a lot of surprises in the spin section. The game is awesome as well as the game symbols. So, start spinning Forge of Gems and get the game started right away. 

Symbols and Icons of Forge of Gems

Most symbols presented here at Forge of Gems are super cool and they can do a lot of good if you spin it precisely on the slot reel. So, these begin with some A to J icons which will be playing card icons, then comes some numerals like 9 and 10 basics, some pink, green, blue and orange colored gemstones as the default icons, and lastly some extra icons like diamond wilds, red flower scatters, vertical wilds, horizontal wilds, vertical splitter, horizontal splitter and a final multiplier. Using these symbols, you can easily win the entire game of Forge of Gems. 

Features and Bonuses

So, there are many rewards, including free spins here. These can be easily tamed by spinning the reels a couple of times. There are the usual cascades here, scatters, free spins and some multipliers. So, try to get all these right here at Forge of Gems. 


Forge of Gems is a slot game with packed features and bonuses. You can spin this slot from any angle and still win all the bonuses. So, start giving your best right here at the super slot of Forge of Gems.

Game Title : Forge of Gems

Author Name : John Bolger

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Forge of Gems