Flodder is a super friendly slot game about a dysfunctional family called the Flodder. It’s really about a 80s Dutch comedy film with the same name. The rest you have to spin the slot to know! Anyhow, it’s fun as well as a feature filled with a lot of rewards and animations made just for the new age gamers. So, come and spin Flodder to know more! 

About the Slot of Flodder

Flodder has a lot for you and it can get quite intimidating if you are new into the world of slot games. But it won’t do you any harm and all you have to do here is to continuously spin the given symbols and their values. The game is all about the Dutch dysfunctional family called Flodder and their chaotic settlement in their new neighborhood. So, you can see their house, their Cadillac and lots of chaos. In between all these, the symbols spin. So, come and spin Flodder right away to know more about their life. 

Symbols and Icons of the Slot

The main symbols here are divided into two sections of lows and highs. These are just to bifurcate the rewards and values. Nothing apart from that. So, let’s start to know these symbols one by one. The lows start with A to J playing card royals. Then comes the Flodder family members starting with Zoon Kees, Dochter Kees, Johnnie and Grandma. Here, the grandma symbol will be the trigger-able and high value of all who can make you the luckiest. Just spin these and get inside the hidden levels. 

Features and Bonuses of Flodder

Free Spins are everything here and they are made up of a lot of spins and super values. Just mind their falls or the scatters on the reels of 3,4 or 5 and the win will be yours. So, are you ready to spin Flodder? If you are ready, then come right away! 


Flodder is a simple game and anyone can spin and win from it. Just spin the reels and make it all yours by giving your best here in the reel set. That’s all you have to do here at this game.

Game Title : Flodder

Author Name : John Bolger

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