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Just a look at the Eggomatic slots from NetEnt speedily lets players know just why the game developer is considered one of the best around! This 5 reel, 3 row and 20 fixed paylines slot is a royal treat to the eyes and has enough sweet bonuses to give players a sugar rush that can last for days!
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How To Be An Eggomatic!

The Eggomatic slot from NetEnt has a theme that revolves around chickens and eggs. Or more precisely robot chickens and their eggs.

It has a reel set that’s made of some strange metal, with the backdrop showing a hazy, brownish factory of sorts. The graphics on show here are of considerable quality and help enhance the appeal of the storyline.

The icons on the reels perch on some sort of wireframe just like real chickens and comprise a total of 5 robotic chicks that are coloured blue, brown, red, pink and green. Also present are their parents, which have identical colours to their offspring.

The wild is represented by a blue chicken that performs its role with all its clucking power! It sure is a sight to behold!

Bonus Features

Unlike most other slots game, there is no separate bonus round as such in the Eggomatic slots. Instead, now and then the Eggomatic contraption that’s positioned to the left of the reels lays an egg. This egg is quite special and ends up on the conveyor that’s located atop the reels.

The egg first shows up to the right of the reels, before slowly making its way to the left, a single reel at a time and eventually disappearing. When a wild chicken icon is landed beneath such an egg, it will descend to the arms of the chicken, with the prize it represents being awarded to players. The varied eggs on the show are as follows

  • Spreading Egg Wild – When this icon is caught, all nearby icons become wild, thereby boosting winning chances
  • Free Spins Egg – By catching this egg, players get awarded random amounts of free spins, with the least and maximum being pegged at 7 and 50 respectively. As well, lots more free spins can be accessed from within this bonus round
  • Coin Win Egg – A variable amount of coins are up for grabs in this feature. From 50 to 2,500 coins are available, with the price varying according to how much players are actually staking.
  • Surprise Egg – When caught, this egg awards any of the above-mentioned prizes.

To Sum Up

The Eggomatic slot has very slick animation effects, high-end graphics and is rather well put together.


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Game Title : Eggomatic

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 16/05/2018