Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab™

This slot is special. That’s for sure. With Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab, you can win special rewards. These can include free spins, wilds and many scatters. So, try to roll the slot as much as possible and get these high rewards one after another. There is nothing to worry here. Just spin and gain all the bonuses. 

The central fashion here is that Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab is a lab of its own. The players can fetch a lot of special rewards if they spin it in the right way. They can see colorful backgrounds, layouts, special effects and cool animations in the background. Through this, winning is like a piece of cake. So, start enjoying this lab slot right now and get all the fabulous rewards in the shape of techy things. The animations and effects are cool as well as new. Now it’s your turn to spin and win the slot of Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab. 

Symbols and Icons of Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab

The symbols here are perfect in all its senses. These are well made by microgaming designers. They are some A to J royals, some magnets, flasks, electrical gadgets, a ray gun and the premium symbols like some quirky little brains in a vat, frog symbols and the logo of Dr. Wild Shock himself as a premium. Just measure your spin and start giving it to the slot. These will come back to you as rewards and free spins. So, start spinning guys. 

Features and Bonuses

It’s all cascades here in the name of Rolling Reels. These can make new rewards by erasing the old symbols. Then there are the wilds, multipliers and even free spins. More than ten free spins can be achieved with this. 

Closing Remarks

Get all these rewards and systems here at Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab. Just aim for the best and the reward won’t make you down and soggy. With the right set of spins, all the bonuses can be conquered at the end of the game. Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab can even be played on mobile platforms! So, there is no time to waste! 

Game Title : Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab™

Author Name : John Bolger

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Dr. Wildshock: Mad Loot Lab™