Divine Riches Helios

Divine Riches Helios is a totally sweet slot game and there are a lot of Greek vibe here to explore and spin. If you are into slot rolling, then Divine Riches Helios will make it all the more interesting and powerful. So, start spinning Divine Riches Helios and make it all yours by tumbling and spinning. The slot court is all yours!

About the Slot of Divine Riches Helios

You certainly won’t regret the spins of Divine Riches Helios. It’s a game where you can find a lot of super spins as well as spinning techniques. If you are into slot spinning, then this slot will enhance everything for you to make a perfect winning roll. Right from the beginning, the players can see a blue sky with a lot of clouds and Helios himself waiting for the spins. In between the layout, the symbol frame can also be seen. The animations and graphics are also perfect in this game. 

Symbols and Icons of the Slot of Divine Riches Helios

The main symbols here are divided into two sections. The lows and the highs. The lows can get quite high if you spin it right. Then comes the highs which are the signature symbols of Divine Riches Helios. You can’t get wrong with these and it’s pretty and straightforward as well. So, these are diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades: the lows and the high valued symbols like grapes, vases, harps, horse heads and Helios. There are wilds and scatters for the free spins too. With all these, you can win with Divine Riches Helios. 

Features and Bonuses

The free spins and the wilds are the main sets of reward inducing symbols here at Divine Riches Helios. These can be availed with the falling of the scatters. A total of 24 free spins with a lot of jackpots can be received with this. So, get into the game and start spinning. 


Divine Riches Helios is all good and simple for all. You don’t need training to spin this game and the rewards will come easily after each roll. So, come and spin the game and take all the wins. 

Game Title : Divine Riches Helios

Author Name : John Bolger

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Divine Riches Helios