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Da Vinci’s Mystery

The advent of online casinos has revolutionized the concept of casino games, especially slots. Today, the game of slots isn’t the same as it was conventionally; different developers today come up with engaging and innovative ideas and themes to base their slots games. Themed slots are so popular and so widely available that people have myriad options to choose from to have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Popular casino game developers are constantly coming up with new games and the latest to win players with its intriguing layout and exciting special effects is Da Vinci’s Mystery. Try it at The Online Casino today!

About Da Vinci’s Mystery 

Based on Leonardo Da Vinci, Da Vinci’s Mystery from Red Tiger is their attempt to create an engaging slot game around this historical figure. Slots players have already been treated to various online slots based on Da Vinci but Da Vinci’s Mystery is a lot more entertaining, visually pleasing and comes with some great features that make playing the game exciting as well as profitable. 

On the outside, the developers have managed to incorporate Da Vinci, his famous works and related imagery into the game. Additionally, the whole look of the game right from is set up in a library to all the dark colours and subdued lighting allude to the mystery and enigmatic genius that is Da Vinci! 

The basic layout 

The basic layout of Da Vinci’s Mystery is very simple; it is a 5×3 layout with 9 fixed paylines. The game has a turbo mode where the reels move and fall into place quickly. The whole look, as well as the symbols, are in line with the theme; the low-value symbols comprise of 10-A in bright and warm colours against a dark background. The high-value ones include some of Da Vinci’s original works like the flying machine, the book of his designs, glowing orbs and his most recognizable work that is Mona Lisa; the Mona Lisa symbol is incidentally the most valuable as it pays 5x times the stake if the player managed to land 5 symbols in a row. 

The special features of Da Vinci’s Mystery 

The special features are what make Da Vinci’s Mystery so engaging which are the Super lines and the Free Spins mode. The free spins mode is especially profitable as it comes with cascading lines and symbol multiplier features!


The appealing design and the exciting soundtrack keep the momentum going for the players. The players can enjoy numerous multipliers, free spins and symbols, and continue playing for a long time. 

Da Vinci’s Mystery
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Game Title : Da Vinci’s Mystery

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 11/11/2019

Da Vinci’s Mystery