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Crossword Cash

By most accounts, crosswords originated back in 1913 and have been very popular ever since. Normally, the joy of successfully completing crosswords is its own reward, but IWG is having none of this and has therefore developed the Crossword Cash game, where players complete crosswords and get rewarded with prizes. Pretty neat eh?

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Better Cash In On The Crossword Cash!

A checkered green table forms the backdrop of the Crossword Cash. The game layout is simple and utilitarian with no flash or bling to be seen.

During gameplay, rather than overworking the brain matter trying to think up words and fill in the spaces on the onscreen crossword, players are instead provided with clues in the form of 18 letters. These must then be matched with other letters that are already present onscreen and used to form new words.

The gameplay objective is simply the creation of new, meaningful words using the provided letters and within the allotted time frame. Since the creation of these letters requires the use of some brain power, unlike the mindless clicking found in online slots, this makes gameplay much more personally rewarding, with success or failure based on player skill, rather than luck.

During each game, a total of 10 new words must be formed. Once these are completed, players are rewarded with 150,000 coins.

When 3 meaningful words are created the reward is 50 coins. 5 completed words will on the other hand award 100 coins, 6 coins will award 250 coins, 7 words will award 1,250 coins, 8 words will award 2,500 coins and 9 words will award 12, 500 coins.

The bet limits in the Crossword Cash favour low rollers, because the least bet is 50p, while the biggest is ₤5. This ensures that the win to reward ratio is more than favourable, as players stand to win far more than they can lose.

Final Thoughts

The Crossword Cash game is by its nature a simply but absurdly rewarding game that can pay out hefty prizes to players who know their stuff and of course are lucky! Instant wins make this game a must-have for any wordsmith with a fabulous memory and overall the Crossword Cash should be a required play for most categories of players, especially those who can be said to have had torrid love affairs with words and books!



Crossword Cash
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Game Title : Crossword Cash

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/07/2017

Crossword Cash