Couch Potato

Fun and energy filled aura surround the slot of Couch Potato. As the name suggests, you can enjoy this slot comfortably laid back by spinning its single pay line. Game developers Microgaming has made its efforts to make this slot enjoyable and simple. This slot has 3 reels and one payline which makes it very ideal for new slot players. Couch Potato is equipped with a classic theme and very simple rules.

What can you expect from the Couch Potato?

Entertaining music keeps the punters’ interests alive in Couch Potato slot. Visually this slot has minimum graphics making it very user-friendly. The title of this slot game has a are free plump Couch Potato who is yawning with its legs well rested showing the ease of playing this slot. Your visual senses are given a warm treat with the mild colours of the symbols and the reels.

Symbols of the fluffy Couch Potato

Yummy cherries, double cars, single bars, triple bars, seven symbols and the symbol depicting the name of the game are all the symbols that surround the reels. As there is only one payline, you need to spin to form winning combinations to register wins. So, such simplicity of the rules of this game makes it apt for the name of the game.

Special Symbols

Wild: The couch potato banner inside a television symbol is the wild symbol of the slot. A wild can replace all the other symbols on the reels except a scatter.

Bonus feature: When wildlands on the active pay line it substitutes itself to other symbols to complete a winning payline. The wild has the potential to make your winning prize up by 5x. If you land two wilds to substitute, then you are entitled to get 25x the winning combination. Landing more than two wild symbols can form their own winning combinations.

1, 2 and 3 all you need to know

Out of the three columns in this slot, when there is 1 coin in the slot, column one will be highlighted. Likewise, for two coins you will notice column two highlighted and for three coins, column three will be lit. There is a possibility of winning a jackpot if you bet for three coins. So, to get more possible rewards the more you have to bet.

To Sum Up

Couch Potato is a slot which can be easily adopted by the players as it is really like original slot machines in physical casinos that began the era of online slots today. For the ones who wish to spend their day in a cool and fun-filled slot, this game is absolutely an apt choice.

Game Title : Couch Potato

Author Name : John Bolger

4.8/5 - (23 votes)
Couch Potato