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Colour Cubes

Colour Cubes is a unique Instant Win game offered by IGT which is one of the leaders in offering high-quality iGaming experience across all channels.

The game rules are a cakewalk as it extremely easy to decipher. The game mainly revolves around the Colour cubes where the player has to collect enough colours on a certain number of turns. Colour Cubes have no specific theme. It merely consists of grids which are square in shape.

Gameplay specifications

The game offers the players with Free Colour Cube video game so that the player get a hang of the game and its concept.

Colour Cubes is a simple Instant Win game consisting of a 7×7 grid with colourful squares. The players can place their bets by using the navigation options ‘+’ and the ‘-’ which are placed below the screen. The bet can be placed from a low limit of 1.00 to a maximum of 10.00. However, the player gets 10 turns at winning a prize no matter how much he has wagered.

The 7×7 grid consists of scattered colourful blocks where the ‘Go’ button helps to move the blocks vertically and horizontally on the gaming screen. The game symbols are the different colours which include Star Cube, Bomb, Red Cube, Blue Cube, Yellow Cube, Green Cube, Orange Cube and Pink Cube. The player can win a prize of :

  • 1 x if he collects 6 red squares over 10 turns
  • 4 x if he collects 7 orange squares
  • 15 x if he collects 8 yellows
  • 40x if he collects 9 green squares

And the ultimate 10,000x if he is successful in collecting 11 purple squares

All the square blocks will disappear as and when the player hits a win leaving the place for a new set of symbols.

If the player is successful in collecting the Star Cube, he is rewarded with £2.00 and this is added instantly to the player’s account. The player can win a maximum of 2,50,000 coins if he is betting the top stake. Different stakes offer different winning amount to the player.

Colour Cubes on Mobile

It is a mobile-friendly game and the players can play this game over multiple platforms be it on smartphones, tablets or iPhones.

To Sum Up

Colour Cubes is a super-easy game which involves no complicated rules. All you have to do is sit back and begin playing the game with a click of a button!


Colour Cubes
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Game Title : Colour Cubes

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 07/05/2018

Colour Cubes