Coin Vault

Now is the right time to spend some time at the online slot arena of Coin Vault. There isn’t much to see here but the game can make a lot of adjustments just for you to make the winning further more interesting and catchy. Coin Vault is a superb slot and it can get quite minimal at certain stages. Spin the game to know more about this. 

About the Slot of Coin Vault

Coin Vault is a super minimal slot game with a mining theme where 1×2 reel format rules over the game. In such a format, winning is not that bad and difficult. Anyone can make the icons pop up and bleed into making rewards. The main layout is made up of neon based colors and there is nothing bad about it. The animations and graphics are also to the point where it can help in making a ton of minimal coins with just a pop out. So, head here to Coin Vault and spin as much as you want. 

Symbols and Icons

You can only see vaults here and that’s the only symbol as well as icon here at Coin Vault. There is a good side to it. You don’t have to get confused about the whole icon/symbols. Just pop up the symbols and the rewards will show out. Such a slot can get boring after some time, but Coin Vault is not under that category. You can spin this game 24×7 and still get away with the nasty boredom. So, spin and win Coin Vault starting from now! This is the way to win the game. 

Features and Bonuses

There aren’t any bonuses per se here at Coin Vault. All you do here is to open up these mines and collect their values which can go up to €250,000. In a way, that’s more than minimal ain’t it? So, come on and give it a spin. 

Closing Words

Coin Vault is all ready and steady for you to make the moves. Just start with some initial pops and the rest will be given by the game automatically. So, come and spin Coin Vault right away without any hesitation. That’s the way Coin Vault should be rolled. 

Game Title : Coin Vault

Author Name : John Bolger

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Coin Vault