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Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat online slot game is 5 reel game with 40 paylines. The game has a fairy tale background and matching background music to please your eyes and ears. The adventure of this game begins after placing a minimum bet of 0.40p or you can adjust the bet level to a custom level. A bright sky and two big trees at the corner of each side and the reels in between that scenery background looks adorable.

Bonus and Wild in Cheshire Cat

When it comes to online slot games, obviously the thing to look out would be the bonus and the wild. Cheshire Cat game has a wild symbol which is represented by a black cat face with Cheshire Cat written on it.  Wild symbol can replace all other symbols on the reels to produce a winning combination but it cannot replace the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in this game looks like a safety ring buoy with different colours patched on.

The bonus is awarded only when the scatter symbol lands on the reels. For example, if 5 scatter symbols land on the reels then you get twenty free spins and then 50 times your bet amount which is considered to be the highest payout. Even 4 scatter symbols can get you 10 times your bet amount. Once you trigger the bonus round, a big golden wheel that looks like the fortune wheel that decides how many arrays and how many wild it should have. If the bonus round doesn’t reward you, there is an option called “Bonus Guarantee” which will automatically reward you with ten times your bet at the end of the round.

Other paying symbols

Apart from the scatter and wild symbol in the slot, you will also notice few other symbols like, Alice, a smiling cat, Cheshire Cat Logo, Caterpillar, Rabbit, Potion, Cake, and then the playing cards symbols which you usually see in the online slot games (A, K, Q, J). The winning combination depends on these symbols as well. But for the highest payout, you need to enter into the bonus round.

To Sum Up

Cheshire Cat online slot game has several symbols which can pay you well enough but the bonus feature is the one that highlights this game. Moreover, with a bonus of 10x your bet, this game lets you smile wide like the cat in the game’s logo.


Game Title : Cheshire Cat

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 09/11/2017

Cheshire Cat
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Cheshire Cat