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Champion Raceway

Developed by IGT, Champion Raceway is an online slot game based on the theme of horse racing. Champion Raceway is a game made up of three reels and five paylines. The screen is majorly divided into two. The upper part has five animated horses placed into racecourse and the lower part has three reel slots with fruity symbol multipliers. The symbols featured in the Champion Raceway are all fruit based like grapes, oranges, plums, lemons and watermelons. In between these two, they have placed the face of a horse and all this is perfectly and separately laced into by silver frame.

Five Colored Rosettes at Champion Raceway

Above all these at the top of the screen are placed five badges or rosettes of different colours. These badges are given to the horse riders after winning the race in the top three positions. The five coloured rosettes are pink, yellow, red, green and blue and are placed in the same order from left to right on the screen.

  • The pink rosette is worth 5 free spins raising multipliers from 2x to 10x and is placed at the extreme left of the order.
  • For free spins 1 and 2, the multiplier applied are 2x to 5x
  • For free spins 3 and 4, the multiplier applied are 4x to 7x
  • For free spins 5, the multiplier applied is 6x to 10x
  • Blue rosette is worth 10 free spins with multipliers raising from 4x to 13x and is placed at the extreme right.
  • For free spins 1,2,3 and 4, the multiplier applied are 4x to 7x
  • For free spins 5,6,7 and 8, the multiplier applied are 6x to 10x
  • For free spins 9 and 10, the multiplier applied are 10x to 13x
  • The middle three rosettes of yellow, red and green colour are placed with each of their values beside them. At the beginning of the Champion Raceway game, yellow rosette’s value is 250, blue holds a value of 500 and red leads with 1500 points.

Game Controls

The game controls are placed at the screen’s bottom wherein the number of lines is set to five and the line bet which varies from 5 to 100.
Champion Raceway can be played on devices like desktop, smartphones and tablets with 25p to £500 a spin. While the line bet set to 5 costs you only 25p, line bet 100 costs you a massive £500.

The Victory lap bonus is triggered by pink and blue horses. Redhorse is designed to give you 60 times your investment, green horse 20 times and yellow horse 10 times that of your stake.

Summing Up

The game is exciting to play and keep your focus on pink and blue horses since those are the ones that matter most.

Champion Raceway
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Game Title : Champion Raceway

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/05/2017

Champion Raceway