Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day can be a great catch if you learn and then spin the slot. If you know how to spin patiently, then this game can be a sublime slot game in many ways. This might have many facades of many other fishing slots, but it’s a clean, fresh one in terms of spinning and the entire layout. So, get ready to spin this right away before everything sinks. 

About Catch of the Day

Get in and start spinning Catch of the Day for its fishing wonders. Here, the players are

welcomed to this sea slot where everything is blue and aqua in color. The theme and its symbols blend perfectly with the overall slot. The symbolic tray can be seen made with a gold plated frame entwined with growing seaweeds. The animations and graphics are totally worth it and they never make any roll complicated at all. The sound pattern is also engaging. So, there is nothing to rethink here at Catch of the Day. 

Symbols and Icons of Catch of the Day

Every symbol pictured here has the tone of an underwater cartoon. Each symbol has a finesse of its own. It has been brilliantly done in many ways. You just have to spin the symbols and make a combination. That’s all you have to do here. So, shall we meet them? These start off with A to J royals, some fish symbols, some boots, hooks, byous and some fisherman wilds. There will be a spin button to push. By doing this, the tumble begins. Just make sure you learn the symbols beforehand. 

Features and Bonuses of Catch of the Day

Minimalness can be seen etched all over the game. Therefore, there are only minimal bonuses here. There are these wild, multipliers and some free spins. If you spin it right, more than 20 free spins can be availed with a max out of 200x extra rewards. 

Closing Remarks

Catch of the Day is a one big game made for fishing. Tumble the reels and win the spins. That’s one of the motto of the slot game. So, get started with the spins and win big like the game. So, don’t wait up.

Game Title : Catch of the Day

Author Name : John Bolger

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Catch of the Day