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Cash Cookout

IGT brings you Cash Cookout. A game played on a 4*3 grid. This game comes with various ways of pocketing the 12 available prizes courtesy of the utensils symbol.

The background in the game is quite appealing. Just make sure you don’t salivate when you see the BBQ table with the symbols on the grill. The game’s theme also stays true to the whole BBQ experience.

Depending on the model you choose, Cash Cookout online slots comes with a varying RTP. The latter ranges between 85.0% to 93.0%. You can also enjoy this game on any device of your choice.

Barbeques Never Tasted so Good as in Cash Cookout

You only need 1 minute to complete round which means that you can expect wins quite fast. Some of the game symbols you expect include three sauce bottles, cash stacks and a massive fork.

How to Play Cash Cookout?

The main aim in the UK slots game is to match Winning Numbers, sauce bottles, to the numbers you picked, the cash stack symbols. Other than that, the special grill utensils will earn you some prizes should they come in to view as well.

The numbers in use in the game start from 1 and go all the way to 39. Every game has 3 winning digits and 12 of the numbers you selected.
Your selected numbers come wit2 aspects:

  • The win all symbol or a prize
  • The amount in prizes

Keep in mind that the winning numbers differ from each other. In addition, your selected numbers could recur in winning games alone. Also, any recurring number should be part of the win.

You can win in 2 of the following ways:

  • Revealing a Win All Symbol in your selected numbers which will award you prize values that match your selected number.
  • Match winning numbers to your selected numbers. This will award you prize values for the selected number.

Appearing only once in the game is the Win All Symbol which when revealed will get you the entire 12 cash prizes. The prizes include those that are not yet disclosed.

To Sum Up

Cash Cookout is a straightforward game to play with no complications whatsoever. In addition, the amazing graphics and soundtrack that plays in the background will keep you company all the while pumping adrenaline throughout your body.


Cash Cookout
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Game Title : Cash Cookout

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 28/06/2018

Cash Cookout