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Cash Buster

Cash Buster is a real-time winning game from Specialty Games. This game is a fantastic alternative to usual online slots that come with paylines and reels. The only identical thing in this slot is the spin button.

To make a spin on Cash Buster, you’ll need at least 0.50 per spin with the maximum bet per spin standing at 20.00. higher bets mean that you have higher chances of landing huge payouts.

It’s Demolition Time in Cash Buster

For the symbols, you need to keep a close eye on the circles, arrows and stars which will also activate the bonus rounds.

How to Play Cash Buster?

Your main objective in the UK slots game is to bring down the towers consisting of numerous blocks. There is a total of 6 towers in the game and once you click on the spin button, some blocks on the towers crumble and that will see you earn some rewards.

There are 5 spins in every game and you will receive your payout once the game comes to an end. You’ll also receive the star, a number or an arrow which will enable you to play the bonus games below.

Bonus Games

In the event that you get any of the above symbols during gameplay, you’ll activate at least one or both games or the mini bonus.

The Arrow Bonus Game: In this game, you need to spin a wheel in order to get prizes ranging from cash prizes to blocks in the towers.

The Card Game: Here, you need to select one of the cards presented to disclose a prize. Again, the prizes could be as in the arrow game.

Keep in mind that the higher the number of blocks destroyed, the higher your cash prizes.

The circles could also come into view in the main game after every spin. Should this happen, you’ll fill a part of the circle. If you fill no less than 4 circles, you’ll walk away with cash prizes. 6 circles could offer you a maximum of 100 if you play with the maximum stake.

To Sum Up

Cash Buster offers an exit from the norm that is slot games. It also comes with numerous winning chances, especially with the bonus games. Another attraction to the game is the fast-paced action and graphics as well as the soundtrack that combine to produce an excellent game.

So, if you are looking for something different, Cash Buster should do you good.


Cash Buster
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Game Title : Cash Buster

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/07/2017

Cash Buster