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Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers is an instant win game from Specialty Games that does away with the concept of paylines and the reels. Here the gameplay is simple, all you have to do is destroy the colourful tower and find the symbol under each tower carrying a reward. Collect a certain number of these symbols to win cash as well as trigger the bonus games. Of course, like the slot machines, players will have to fix a bet and give the spin in Cash Buster Towers also.

For those tired of playing the repetitive slot machines and looking for an alternative, this is your best bet. Unlike slot machine game, the wagers are per game and not per spin. Bets start at a minimum of 0.50p per game to a maximum of £20 per game in Cash Buster Towers. The maximum bet earns the highest payouts. Players are provided with 5 spins in the base game to take a shot at 6 of the towers to reveal the reward it conceals. The rewards are in the form of the 3 symbols – arrow, star and circle, each with a different payout.

Bring down the Cash Buster towers to win instant cash

In Cash Buster Towers, the towers come down block by block and each block carries a star or an arrow, the bonus symbols. Collecting 4 of a kind will trigger the bonus game while also adding to the destroyed blocks tally. The more blocks you destroy, the bigger your payout becomes which will be rewarded at the end of the game. In the arrow mini bonus game, players have to spin a wheel and win either more destroyed blocks or a cash prize. Similarly, the star bonus game carries the same rewards but instead of spinning the wheel it is played by choosing a card.

However, each tower conceals a circle symbol at its base which can be won by bringing down the entire tower. Collecting at least 4 such circles will win you an instant cash prize in the game. With 6 towers in play, you can collect a maximum of 6 circles which at the maximum bet will earn you a sum of 100 cash credits. So destroy those entire towers to earn the maximum winnings and for some wholesome entertainment.

To Sum up

Cash Buster Towers features basic graphics and it is the simple gameplay that players will find endearing. If on the lookout for an alternative to slot machines, you may want to try these out.

Cash Buster Towers
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Game Title : Cash Buster Towers

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 05/07/2017

Cash Buster Towers