Canine Carnage

It’s all fun and good to spin and tumble this pet friendly slot game called Canine Carnage. Everything here is superb and learning all the levels will make you more of a pro in this category. Therefore, come inside the game and spin all the levels of this slot game. This can make you the real winner in the end. 

About Canine Carnage

What you can see here is pure joy. With all the spins you make, the rewards will come and pile up in the corner. The dog team or militia, whatever you wanna call it will help you win these. Basically, this is a post-apocalyptic game with dogs as the central character. You can see a lot of cyberpunk styles everywhere. The more you learn the slot, the more you can win from this. Therefore, come and roll the game with all your power and the win will be all yours and it will be tons. 

Symbols and Icons

The symbols of Canine Carnage are super simple. These begin with low paying A to J royals. Then there are some numerals like 10s. There are some high symbols, also like four dog militia characters. There are wilds, scatter icons and multiplier icons too. You can spin these with low pressure and force and it’s easy to get all the wins. Just press the spin icon at the bottom of the game and the win will be yours. That’s all you have to do here to get the wins. 

Features and Bonuses

It’s all about free spins here. You just land the scatters and this function will get activated for good. The rest is like magic sliding over a slot platform. You can get as many free spins and multipliers from the game of the Canine Carnage. So, get the game started! 


The game of Canine Carnage is all set to make you the large winner. Roll the game and get all sorts of rewards from it. So, are you ready for this? It’s now spinning at the all famous The Online

Game Title : Canine Carnage

Author Name : John Bolger

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Canine Carnage