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Buster Blackjack

The only difference between Buster Blackjack and your regular Blackjack casino games is the provision of an optional side bet in the former that lets players come out ahead when the dealer is bust. This side bet feature is quite popular with players in the know, with a payout reaching up to 2000:1.

Live Large With Buster Blackjack!

In Buster Blackjack, players are obliged to have a hand of greater value than that held by the dealer, but without however allowing the said hand to be more than 21 points. Players should also aim to limit as much as they can the number of cards they hold, so as to boost their chances of getting their hands on the side bet. Gameplay in this online casino game is performed with six decks and the primary rules of standard Blackjack are followed to the letter. The only distinguishing factor is, therefore, the heavily lucrative and totally optional Buster side bet feature. For each round, the prize that’s up for grabs depends on how many cards the dealer holds by the time he/she goes bust.

The rules and regulation in Buster Blackjack are simple enough and permit players to win both the Buster side bet and the main blackjack bet at the same time if the dealer goes bust. This is due to the fact that the dealer has to play out no matter if the player should bust, as long as the side bet is active. The rules peg a standard Blackjack win as paying out 3:2 and the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17. If the dealer goes bust with three or four cards while the side bet is active, a payout of 2:1 is made. Five cards held as the dealer goes bust sees the payout get boosted to 4:1, six cards results in a payout of 18:1 and seven cards pays out at a truly eye-watering 50:1.

This is, however, nothing compared to what happens when the dealer goes bust with 8 cards being held, as the payout here reaches a stratospheric 2000:1. Used properly the Buster side bet feature can get rather lucrative and it’s no wonder it’s so popular with players looking for the win of a lifetime!

The RTP for this game is a fabulous 99.63%, with the side bet RTP being set at 93.80%. As well, the lowest wager players can make is 50p for both the side bet and standard blackjack play, while the max bet is pegged at ₤250 for the side bet and ₤500 for standard blackjack.

Summing Up

Buster Blackjack is one of the high-quality casino games with a lot going for it and a good RTP. It’s as fast-paced as a speeded-up online Roulette event, feature-crammed to the hilt, suspenseful, immersive, and just what you must be looking out for having the best casino moment.


Buster Blackjack
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Game Title : Buster Blackjack

Author Name : John Bolger

Posted Date : 16/03/2017

Buster Blackjack